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Life Insurance

from Elliott Group

Life Insurance

If something were to happen to you or your spouse, would your loved ones be able to continue to lead the life they currently enjoy? Having the right life insurance policy means your family’s future won’t be compromised in the event of your unfortunate passing. 

For those who currently have no life insurance coverage, we welcome the opportunity to discuss our wide array of insurance products with them. As independent agents at Elliott Group, we have access to hundreds of insurance policies, so we can help you select the right one for your budget and your family’s one-of-a-kind needs. 

Term Life Insurance

Often those without life insurance start here as this type of policy is good for a set period of time and is less costly than whole life insurance. We can help you choose terms that work for your coverage needs as well as your budget. When the time is right, we can also help you convert term life insurance to a permanent policy. 

Whole Life Insurance

This type of life insurance coverage provides protection for an entire lifetime. These policies are also an investment as they build value as time goes on. 

Universal Life Insurance

This kind of coverage is also permanent life insurance, but it allows for more flexible premiums. It can build cash value too and accrue interest over time. 

For those who already made the wise decision to carry life insurance, we recommend revisiting your policy when you achieve certain life milestones: 

  • Welcoming a new child or grandchild
  • Getting married or divorced
  • Purchasing a new home or refinancing your mortgage
  • Receiving an inheritance 
  • Owning a sizable estate
  • Starting or growing a business
  • Experiencing health deterioration
  • Providing care to an aging parent
  • Needing long-term care for a child or grandchild
  • Planning for a child or grandchild’s education
  • Discussing retirement