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Farm Insurance

from Elliott Group

Farm Insurance

Farmers and ranchers have unique insurance needs. That’s why the independent agents at Elliott Group offer specialized insurance for farms of all types and sizes in the greater Kansas City area. 

Property Insurance

This insurance can be set up to cover not only your dwelling but farm buildings as well, such as barns, silos, stables, and other structures. Included in this coverage is the interior of your residence: furnishings, clothing, electronics, appliances, etc. 

Farm Personal Property Insurance

Your policy can also be constructed to cover farm machinery, tools, grain, livestock, and other property essentials for your enterprise. 

Farm and Ranch Liability Insurance

Many farmers add liability insurance to protect them against judgments if someone is injured on the property, such as visitors to the farm. 

In addition to these types of common farm insurance, we provide other types of insurance, which may also apply to your family or commercial farm: 

  • Equine insurance: to cover major medical, mortality, and transportation for horses as well as professionals in the equine field
  • Agriculture/crop insurance: to protect crops from natural disasters, weather, and low market prices
  • Workers compensation insurance: to provide lost wages and medical coverage for employees hurt on the job at your farm
  • Personal and commercial umbrella insurance: to offer additional liability coverage for your home and/or your business where your homeowner, farm, commercial property policy, or general liability policy leaves off 
  • Business auto insurance: to cover vehicles in the event of accidents, as well as to provide liability protection similar to home auto policies
  • Life insurance: to allow loved ones to continue their lives without financial disruption in the event of your passing