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Equine Insurance

from Elliott Group

Equine Insurance

If you own horses for recreational pleasure, they are probably both your companions and your all-encompassing passion. And, if you compete with your horse or use your horses for lessons, your equines are also your bread and butter. 

No one wants to imagine anything bad happening to their horse, but those who keep horses know they are prone to accidents, colic, and even theft. What would you do if something happened to your horse? 

Would you be burdened with onerous loans or have to close your business to cover the cost of illness, injury, or death? For some people, their horses are worth more than their homes and represent a tremendous investment of time and money. 

Fortunately, horse owners of all kinds can purchase equine insurance to protect their best friends and equine athletes. You may not be aware that there are equine insurance products available to suit virtually every type of ownership and situation. 

The two most common types of equine insurance are mortality and major medical. 

Mortality Insurance

This type of insurance covers owners in the event their horse is lost to injury, accident, illness, poisoning, or theft, including humane euthanasia in the case where an accident or injury leaves no other options. 

Major Medical Insurance

This covers the owner in instances where a horse needs significant medical treatment, such as surgery for colic. 

There are other types of equine insurance as well: 

  • Equine transit insurance
  • International transit insurance
  • Loss of use insurance
  • Expected foal insurance/live foal insurance
  • Stallion infertility insurance

Insurance for Equine Professionals

As well as insurance for horses themselves, at Elliott Group we also carry insurance products for equine professionals, such as: 

  • Farriers
  • Equine bodyworkers, like massage therapists and chiropractors
  • Equine assisted therapists
  • Grooms
  • Trainers
  • Horse sitters and temporary caretakers
  • Horse rescuers

We also have access to insurance policies for riding and polo clubs, trail riding businesses, petting zoos, event holders, and show venues. We can provide coverage for employees working for you should an incident happen under your supervision.