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Auto Insurance

from Elliott Group

Auto Insurance

Next to your home, your vehicle is probably your greatest asset. In addition to being a significant investment, it’s also the main form of transportation for you and your family. If something happened to your car because of fire, theft, or collision, would you be able to replace it from your savings? 

Thankfully, most people don’t have to worry about that because auto insurance protects them in just those circumstances. You can get your vehicle repaired or replaced quickly, helping you return to a normal life as soon as possible, with little disruption to your work or school commute. 

Auto insurance isn’t just about protecting your vehicle, however. It also covers you from liability should you injure a person or damage property in an accident. In many states, auto liability insurance is mandated, and most car dealerships financing a vehicle won’t let you drive off without it. Without liability insurance, you could lose your personal assets if someone were to secure a court judgment against you. 

At Elliott Group, we provide auto insurance, and as independent agents, we have access to hundreds of insurance products to find the perfect one for your needs and your budget. 

Feel free to get in touch to inquire about the many types of auto insurance available: 

  • Liability insurance: This covers losses to others, including car and property damage and medical expenses. 
  • Collision insurance: This covers your vehicle if it is involved in an accident and must be repaired.
  • Comprehensive insurance: This protects your vehicle in the event of theft, flood, fire, hurricane, or vandalism

Many of our clients enjoy the peace of mind that comes from carrying all of the above, especially if they’ve been involved in an accident before or have a newer vehicle.